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  • briefing room iran : Operation Safe Citadel

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    • Type de mission: Mission operationnelle Theatre: Golfe persique Places: 4 Appareils disponibles: F/A-18C

    Date: 09/10/2010

    Time: 06:45

    Theater: Persian Gulf

    Situation: Civil War in Iran

    Weather: Light scattered clouds

    Wind: StrongBreeze (11 m/s)

    Allies: USA

    Enemies: Iran Description Recon units report large concentrations of enemy forces massing deep inside enemy territory. These units could pose a major risk to our ground forces when the ground war begins. To prevent this, Command has demanded the immediate elimination of these units.


    Destroy all ballistic missiles designated objective ESSO.


    • A friendly tanker is available for basket refueling operations. Radio frequency is 251.0, TACAN is 21X (callsign TKR1)
    • A friendly AWACS aircraft designated Darkstar 1 1 is available on frequency 251.0
    • Air defense units protecting objective ESSO can be ignored. Your primary target remains the ballistic missiles.
    • Friendly units at objective ESSO can radio their coordinates. Friendly units at objective ESSO can designate their position with laser. Laser code is 1688.

    Flight groups Callsign Aircraft Radio Payload

    • From Pontiac 1 1× RQ-1A Predator 251.0 General
    • Colt 1(P) 2× F/A-18C Hornet 305.0 Essai USS George Washington
    • Enfield 1(P) 2× F/A-18C Hornet 305.0 Essai USS George Washington
    • Darkstar 1 1× E-2C Hawkeye 251.0 General
    • Arco 1 1× KC-130 251.0 General

    Airbases Name Runways Radio ILS TACAN

    • Bandar Lengeh 08-26 250.95/121.70 - -
    • USS George Washington - 127.5 11 CVN, 74X

    Flight plans WP Name Distance from last WP Total distance

    Colt 1
    TAKEOFF 0 nm 0 nm INGRESS 66 nm 66 nm ESSO 10 nm 76 nm EGRESS 31 nm 107 nm LANDING 46 nm 153 nm 

    version DCS: 2.5.7

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